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cigarette factory

 The tradition of cigarette production is present in Prilep starting from early 20th century. But the contemporary industrial cigarette production began after the World War II. In 1955 the new facilities for cigarette production have been built with the equipment for top-quality cigarette production following the production stages. During the sixties the new plant has been built incorporating the high level international technical-technological solutions.

Furthermore, following up the most recent international developments, in technique and technology of cigarette production, the expert teams of the Company performed further update of the plant. Today it is capable to produce 8 billion cigarettes per annum.

The plant possesses contemporary primary processing; high-speed cigarette making machines with modern cigarette design and the possibility of up-to-date design of different packs and packages. For the impressive developments on this part the most meritorious are our designers of great number of brands, who are exceptionally accustomed to follow the consumer’s preferences.

Many brands produced here became extremely popular among the consumers and in fact, remain as special mark not only within Macedonia but also beyond. The high level of technique and technology in our cigarette factory, as well as the experienced teams of experts enable the Company to establish licensing and other forms of cooperation with the leading cigarette manufacturer PHILIP MORRIS.

The total production in the factory is controlled on several levels. The quality control is conducted on daily basis not only in the factory labs, on site or in specialized labs with highly sophisticated equipment and instruments for complete analyzes of chemical and visual parameters of non-tobacco materials, raw materials, and especially of finished products – cigarettes; but also the quality is confirmed by two respectable scientific and research institutions.

 While creating new and maintaining the existing brands, much attention is paid on the care for consumer’s health. That is the highest priority, starting point in the production of cigarettes, and it begins from suitable choice of tobacco with less harmful components, via non-tobacco materials bought from eminent international manufacturers, to the application of the international standards in diminishing the harmfulness of smoking, especially regarding the tar and nicotine content.