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The warm Prilep region, with its high intensity of solar radiation, clean surroundings free of industrial pollution and favorable soil composition enables the Tobacco Company to cultivate and process the world-famous “Prilep” tobacco, named after the town back in 1930. The type of tobacco has a color ranging from golden yellow to orange, an elastic fibre, slightly emphasized middle rib and stems, a specific, very strong aroma, and a pleasant mild taste when smoked.

 Tobacco Ltd. organizes production of this tobacco with almost 10.000 of its individual tobacco growers based on a cooperation contract. In this way, wellnigh 40.000 inhabitants of Prilep and its neighbouring villages are involved in the production of 6 to 8 million kilograms of tobacco a year, part of which is purchased by the Prilep Tobacco Company and the Company offers strong support to its tobacco growers. The purchased tobacco is then handled, packed, fermented and carefully stored at Tobacco Sector until its export to all corners of the world. The Company exports over 90 % of its fermented “Prilep” type. The biggest buyers are the world’s major cigarette manufacturers in the USA, Japan and the European Union.

Tobacco Prilep is the largest processor of tobacco (Tobacco Sector) and cigarette manufacturer (Cigarettes Sector) in Macedonia in terms of capacity. Key brands of cigarettes currently produced in Prilep are “Brand”, “Bond” and “Chesterfield”.

All manufactured brands are the property of Tobacco Inc. and PMI. The company is equipped with 10 production lines for basic cigarettes (Virginia, Burley, Oriental and Stem Expanding) with an annual capacity of 3,672 tons and 9 secondary production lines for cigarettes (hard packing 4, 5 soft packing) ready for production. It has a production line for mono acetate filter rods with 3 KDF-2 machines (132 mm 120mm) with a production capacity of 3005 million filter rods per day and 2 KDF-2 machines (108 mm, 100 m) with a production capacity of 1.83 million filter rods per day.

Tobacco Prilep has a processing capacity of 5520 tons per year and fermented tobacco production in 3672 to 4.032 billion cigarettes per year. The company currently employs 420 workers. The large capacity of production and semi-closed cycle of production processes allow the Company a delivery of big range of products and services needed by their clients.

Tutunski Kombinat carries out strict quality control in its procedures in order to ensure that the production of cigarettes is in line with the international standards.