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Tobacco (Leaf department)

Tobacco Ltd. manages production of world famous oriental types of tobacco “PRILEP”.

Type “Prilep”, on the international markets, is highly valued oriental tobacco, being cultivated in ecological regions where heavy industries, the major pollutant, are not present. Type “Prilep” is distinguished by its small aromatic leafs, smooth lamina with orange and red colour, with specific highly distinctive and intensive aroma. The specific aroma, high contents of ether resins and oils, sweet taste, and excellent flammability, are only few of the qualities that make this type of tobacco be treated as the top flavor essence in the best cigarette brands. In fabrication is used for aromatization and production of best quality tobacco products.

 The tobacco supplied by the farmers is being processed, packaged, fermented and carefully warehoused in the industrial facilities of Tobacco Ltd., until delivered to the world-wide customers and destinations. Over 90 % of fermented tobacco is exported. Sales grades of oriental tobacco, type “Prilep”:

  • AB
  • ABC
  • BG
  • C (KP)
  • DKP
  • KK
The grades according to the specific requirements from the buyer are also available.