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Veni Vidi

Prilep is a city located in northern Pelagonian valley, in southern Macedonia. There are 73,925 inhabitans and an area of 1.675 km2. It is located 128 km (airline) from the capital town – Skopje. Prilep is known as “the city under Marko’s Towers” because of its proximity to the towers of the legendary hero King Marko (in Prilep referred to as Prince Marko).



Prilep is the center of production of high quality tobacco and cigarettes, metal proccessing, electronic, wood, textile, food and marble industry. The tobacco is one of Prilep’s traditional cultures that thrives in the Macedonian climate. Many of the world’s largest cigarette manufacturers use Prilep tobacco after being processed in their local factories. When the Tobacco Institute for creating new types of tobacco was founded in Prilep, that was the first example of the application of genetics in agriculture in the Balkans. Most of the inhabitans in Prilep are engaged with tobacco production, which is then purchased from Tutunski Kombinat AD Prilep in Prilep. In Prilep field are produced 30% of the total quantity of tobacco produced in North Macedonia.



Besides tobacco production in Prilep, there are also Prilepska Pivarnica AD, Mermeren Kombinat AD, Vitaminka, Kring KG, Comfy Angel, Gentherm as large industrial enterprises , then there is also the high tech industry “Mikrosam” which is known for its large number of produced robots and various technological inventions, many furniture factories and construction materials.

Mound of the Unbeaten

Hero Town

Prilep is a Hero town: out of total 66 medals in Macedonia, 15 medals are given to the peoples heroes from Prilep, as well the one given to the town:

Rampo Levkata, Krume Volnaroski, Ordan Chopela, Borka Veleski, Mirche Acev, Kuzman Josifoski Pitu, Lazo Kolevski, Vera Aceva, Borko Temelkoski Liljakot, Borka Taleski, Krste Crvenkoski, Gjore Dameski Boksero, Atanas Zabzanovski, Kire Gavriloski Jane,

Revolutionaries and scholars

Some notable citizens of Prilep

(1864 – 1921) Gjorche Petrov, a Macedonian revolutionary, one of the leaders of The Central Committee of VMRO;

(1865-1912) Petar Naumov Toshev, macedonian national hero, apostle and conscience of the revolutionary Macedonia.

(1897 – 1944) Metodija Shatorov – Sharlo, macedonian communist and national activist.

(1902 – 1957) Metodi Andonov – Chento, first president of the ASNOM;

(1909 – 1988) Krume Kepeski, notable macedonist, grammarian, pedagogue, textbook author, methodologist, translator;

(1912 – 1976) Krum Toshev Macedonian slavist, macedonist and university professor, coauthor of the first „Macedonian orthography and ortography dictionary“.

(1924 - 2001) Blagoja Taleski macedonian communist and politician, holder of Commemorative Medal of the Partisans of 1941.

(1921 – 1993) Blaze Koneski Macedonian renaissance poet and the father of the Macedonian language and literature


Beer Fest

Prilep is known for its “Beer Fest” – beer festival with a great attendance and a variety of domestic and foreign stage guests.

Spiritual fount

Monastery Treskavec

In the midst of the antic city Colobaisa, center of the cults of Apolon and Artemis, is located monastery Treskavec with the church „Assumption of Holy Mother“ from 13 century, which is true pearl of spirituality and architecture.

Coffee and tobacco are complete repose.
Turkish proverb
Tobacco, divine, rare, superexcellent tobacco, which goes far beyond all the panaceas, potable gold, and philosophers stones, a sovereign remedy to all diseases.
Robert Burton, Anatomy of Melancholy
He who doth not smoke hath either known no great griefs, or refuseth himself the softest consolation, next to that which comes from heaven.
Edward B.Lytton, What Will He Do With It?
There's something luxurious about having a girl light your cigarette. In fact, I got married once on account of that.
Harold Robbins
A cigarette is the perfect type of a perfect pleasure. It is exquisite, and it leaves one unsatisfied. What more can one want?
Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray